Saturday, July 22, 2023

This "keto" snack almost de-railed my whole nutrition plan

 First thing I will say before I get to it, is if you are going to fuck up your diet, there's a good, recoverable way, and a bad, hard-to-recover way.  I was driving down the road last night looking for a supermarket where I could buy a bunch of cupcakes or brownies.  Where I instead landed was at Wawa, where I had an admittedly very large portion (to the point of potentially it being a binge) of meatballs, and some watermelon.  Really having a huge id-driven meal of stuff that is nominally on the diet versus falling off the wagon and eating a bunch of sugar has the same satiating feeling, but very different implications for your future on the diet.

So, what put me in this position in the first place?  I think the culprit was this thing called a "Keto Bar", that I can get at the local Rastelli's market.  Unlike the Whole Foods "Keto Cups" that I have written about before the "Keto Bar" is intensely, albeit artificially sweet.  Where the Whole Foods product tastes a little bitter, and is an acquired taste, the Rastelli's product just tastes like a piece of candy you can get anywhere.

The difference is that the Whole Foods product doesn't lead to crazy cravings the next day.  It hasn't triggered any kind of addiction mechanism, it's just a nice little treat that still feels religiously part of the diet.  The Rastelli's product feels like you are getting something for free -- which you are not -- and which ultimately leaves you wanting much more.