Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Sugar and the 'addiction' model

 Let's break down the definition above, and see if it applies here:  

1) Chronic and relapsing

That certainly seems to fit.  I have been able to go on brief periods of abstinence from sugar, with interstitial periods of overconsumption and weight gain.

2) Adverse consequences

We had a guest this weekend that one minute was injecting himself with a diabetes medicine, and then the next minute baking and then shoveling down pieces of blueberry pie.  Is the injectable enough of an indicator that there are adverse consequences to this addiction?

For me personally, not being on insulin or a semaglutide, the adverse consequences are a little subtler.  Clearly I myself knew that having a BMI of 50 was not healthy, but a part of me thought I was just being vain. 


The upshot of all of this is that I essentially treat refined sugar like cigarettes at this point.  I don't have 'just a little'.  I know that if I fall off the wagon that it will be exceedingly difficult to get back on.  

I also stay away from most fake sweeteners.  My palette has adjusted to the point that a half pint of raspberries is a bomb of a desert.