Thursday, November 30, 2023

Recovering from Covid, thinking about 2024

 Chicken noodle soup, and mint chip ice cream where critical to my Covid treatment plan. 🥸.   I was planning to re-commit to a stricter version of low-carb than I have been doing in the past couple of months anyway.  Planning to start that in a couple of days when I'm no longer nursing a sore throat.

I bought myself an early Hanukah present in a Polar heart rate watch.  I have to look back over my records, but my memory is that when I did the initial weight loss last year, I wasn't really working out at all.  I'd like to do things a bit differently in round 2, and make cardiovascular fitness a priority.

Morphologically (or aesthetically), I'm still not where I want to be. I haven't quite crossed the Class-3 obesity threshold.  I'd like to lose another 30-40 pounds in 2024.  The way to do that is to re-commit to low-carb.

While I feel at once pretty shitty because of the Covid, I also feel pretty confident that I can lose some more weight and improve my aerobic fitness.  The little break from the diet, backed by a good rationale for doing it, might actually turn out to be a net positive.