Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Fat Fitness Nerd, Part II: Starting off Atkins With a Win

 I have known for a couple of weeks that I want to get back into low carb and fasting, but I hadn't really been able to get any traction.  I had been trying some shorter fasts, none of which I could really maintain.  On the advice of Megan Ramos, I decided to try starting with cutting carbs and a fat fast.

The body loses a lot of water when fasting and going low-carb.  There can be an early scale victory from this, I dropped 8 pounds the first day of being on the diet.  Psychologically I know this early weight loss is water weight, but it still feels like a victory, which gives me some momentum.  

This water loss is also what makes starting with a fast hard.  I already have a headache from the beginnings of "keto-flu", and I know I wouldn't be able to make it through a fast at this point.  I'm trying to keep my electrolytes in balance while staying hydrated.