Sunday, October 1, 2023

I got some pretty bad advice on alcohol on low carb diets, which I think I have figured out.

 The bad advice I got was to drink spirits instead of beer or wine, because spirits don't have carbs.  The problem with that approach is that even a single whiskey a couple of nights a week was enough to completely torque my sleep schedule and my mood.  Hard liquor just has a much more dramatic effect than other drinks.

What I discovered over the last couple of days is the polar opposite of whiskey.  That is, the ultra-low carb, and consequently fairly low-alcohol beer.  The beer I had with dinner tonight had 2.5g of carbs per bottle!

If a drink in hand is a social requirement, or if you just enjoy it, I'd suggest a Michelob Ultra (or another low-carb / low alcohol option) rather than a Buffalo Trace.