Thursday, April 21, 2022

Moderation in goal setting

 The last post was entirely about moderation in.. ehem... moderating carbs.  This post is going to be about how we think about the destination for this journey.

When I was 18, I was a national champion sculler.  Scullers don't really have groupies, but as any 44 year old looking back on being 18, I am nostalgic for some of the relationships I had at the time!

When I think about where I want to be physically, I think a big part of me is looking for a time machine.  That's kind of dumb though.  For one, there is good evidence that the body mass index curve shifts to the right as you age.  The same body mass that is overweight at 18 might be protective at 65.    For two, there are a lot of really serious health benefits to be had all along the way to the fountain of youth.  5% weight loss, weighing what I did before Corona, class 2 obesity down from class 3 obesity, weighing what I did 10 years ago..etc, etc.

All I'm saying is be conscious of a kind of dysmorphia creeping in that doesn't allow you to see progress.   Just because I'm not in race-ready-18-year-old form, doesn't mean I can't celebrate what progress I have made. Shoot for small milestones, and celebrate them when you pass them.