Thursday, April 21, 2022

You have to enjoy it!!

With fasting and exercise, you kind of have to enjoy it to make it sustainable.  One indicator that you have gone too hard, too soon is a feeling of anxiety about doing it again tomorrow.  If you ease into things, you may find that you really start to look forward to the fasts or the workouts.

Try to find different ways to infuse joy into what you are doing.  A big one for me, is really enjoying the break-fast.  A long time ago a good friend from Kentucky introduced me to biscuits and gravy, and that is my go-to meal to break a fast.  Just the joy of eating that sustains the next fast.   (If you follow a fast with plain grilled chicken over a salad, ask yourself how long can you keep that up?)

With respect to working out, the "runner's high" is a real thing.  If you aren't pushing too hard, or grinding, you may find that the workout becomes a critical part of your wellbeing.