Monday, February 20, 2023

Being Able to Eat Really Luxurious Food is a Key to Sustaining A Low-Sugar, Low-Starch Diet

 Steak and eggs can be a $40 breakfast, but the way I look at it so would one with a couple of mojitos, and I don't drink.

I always thought "don't deny yourself", or "you can't deny yourself" meant that occasionally on Atkins you had to break the diet and just indulge.  I have come to learn that what it means is that the food you are able to eat has to be luxurious, well prepared, and tasty.   I know I will go crazy if I try to eat my own cooking.

This can mean not shying away from fats, but it can also mean indulging a bit in salt and spice.  If you are taking away sweet, one of the core facets of food that make it tasty (as in salt, sweet, acid, fat, umami) then you really have to ramp up the other flavors.