Friday, March 8, 2024

Ted Naiman is not the enemy.

 Dr. Naiman has been arguing agains the carbohydrate-insulin model of obesity, and arguing for vastly increased protein intake.  He even goes so far as to suggest some low-fat items to substitute in the diet.  The hypothesis is that it's the ratio of protein to carbohydrate and fat that matters -- carbohydrate and fat being sources of energy, and protein being a source of nutrient. The more protein for the least energy, the better.

The thing that brought me around to his way of thinking is his recounting of his personal journey as a physician on the diet doctor website.  He prescribed a traditional low-carb diet to his patients for 20 years, but found that some of them stalled out.  The culprit was too much fat, and the P/E diet was born.

Dinner inspired by Dr. Naiman was an 8oz sirloin and double broccoli at my favorite restaurant!  $20 +tip, but I got my usual $5 discount that happens every so many meals.