Monday, January 24, 2022

Health at every size (HAES) isn't automatic.

You can make huge inroads to health even before any weight comes off. Not seeing, or not maintaining weight loss shouldn't bounce you off of the treadmill or bike, or send you off eating super sugary meals.

Health at every size doesn't mean that everyone is _automatically_ healthy at whatever size they are.  If you are sedentary, and eating sugary shit (I call this "eating diabetes" -- I was at a hotel the other night and had a breakfast of Starbucks mocha and 2 pop tarts. FML) then...

However - I assert that even at 320, with the amount of cardio I do, and given that I don't smoke or drink, I'm a lot healthier than some skinny-fat-sedentary person.  Or at least as healthy.

That's what HAES means to me - that health can be (although not always is) independent of body shape. 

Training calendar screenshot showing 3-4 workouts per week.