Thursday, January 27, 2022

Quick first post on satiety signals

 Last night, takeout chana masala, raita, and rice.  Eating, eating, eating... man I'm full, I should put this in the fridge... still eating.

Sound familiar?  

When there is quick access to a refrigerator, there is really no excuse for this type of overeating.  Sure, if you are on the road or at a restaurant, it can feel a little inconvenient to stop eating and get a doggy bag, but if you are at home, WTF?

I don't have the citation for who originally said this, but I think the following is true:  If you are cleaning your plate because of "ethics", ask yourself if packing on fat is more akin to wasting food than not.  At a restaurant, it's best to order conservatively, but if your eyes are bigger than your stomach, and you can't take it with you, then it has to be OK to stop eating with food on the plate, even if it ends up in the bin.