Saturday, March 12, 2022

I got through my first 6 fasts!


Welp, I got through my first 6 fasts on the 3-day-a-week 36-hour fasting program.

This is what my weight trend looks like (technically the two local minimums are at the same point and represent the weights at the weeks end of fasting before the weekend.  I'm not too worried though, because I feel you _can_ put stock in the moving average.):

When you start something like this, you have to fully expect weight loss to taper off after about the first or second week.  Once your body has adjusted its water balance, the weight just doesn't come off as quickly.

Another future goal is to work in some regular cycling.  I haven't felt like doing that, which might be problematic.  Remembering that the body has two approaches to dealing with a fast day: 1) Burn fat, 2) Slow the metabolism way down.  I can use how much I'm dreading cycling, and how I feel after doing it as a gauge of what my body is doing.