Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Why haven't Jason Fung and Meagan Ramos published, and do I care?

Except for one letter in the BMJ, a cursory search of Google Scholar doesn't return any academic results for these two.  I have to admit that that is a little bit scary to me.

On the other hand - alternate day fasting just from the first-person lived-experience feels great.  I am sharper and have more energy on fast days.  Psychologically I feel like I am doing something for my health which helps me, despite a BMI over 40, hold my head up high. 

Alternate day fasting is helping me to lose some weight, at least in the short term.  There are side effects though, constipation and at times diarrhea.   It would be nice to know, through research, that I'm not giving myself colon cancer, or doing something else injurious to my body.

There are other luminaries in this community who vocally support fasting as an option beneficial to health and longevity like Peter Attia MD.   However, again, no evidence produced.