Thursday, February 24, 2022

Pickle Juice and Fasting

From Diet Doctor Podcast #7 with Meagan Ramos

 "A lot of patients are very fascinated in autophagy, so the cellular recycling process... after it won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2016, people are very interested. Cancer rates are now through the roof and people are looking to do whatever they can. So people want to jump in on day one and start water fasting and we say no, no. Try drinking the [bone] broth first. 

Alternatively some people really dislike the [bone] broth, so we encourage them to have a quarter to half a cup of pickle juice on the day and people actually like that in the summer. The humidity in Toronto in the summer is disgusting, so no one wants to be drinking warm chicken broth in the summertime. So pickle juice is an alternative at that time of year that will encourage patients to have. Of course with no sugar in it and we teach them different ways that they can make it at home themselves to supplement."