Thursday, February 24, 2022

The right level of fasting, and fasting as therapy

From Diet Doctor Podcast #7 with Meagan Ramos

How do you break down what's the right level of fasting for the right individual? 

Megan: So we usually assess someone in consultation and then see how they respond emotionally towards the fast. But we really believe that sort of to be insulin resistant, 24 to 36 hours of fasting is very effective doing that intermittently. That's all you really need and it creates a nice balance. The idea is to throw the body off to now let the body adapt. We always tell our patients that human beings are a dumb species.

We are not a very bright species, but we're a highly adaptable species. So if we stay in any one physiological state long enough our body is going to adapt to it and so we just want to confuse the body. And I found that we've been doing this now for seven years, intermittent fasting 36 hours three times a week in people, treating that like a therapy, not as a diet.

We really encourage our patients to treat it like a therapy. I made such progress of my own health for six months, because I treated fasting like it was my attendance to chemotherapy. And I wouldn't skip a treatment of chemotherapy if my friends wanted to go for lunch. And there would be days where I wouldn't feel good, but I'll be okay because eventually it would lead to my inevitable great health.