Thursday, June 15, 2023

A2 v.s. MAF

A bit of a pivot here away from A1/A2 towards MAF:  

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The two white lines in the graph are my MAF range.  Showing a bunch of work above MAFmax, which is probably counterproductive.   I felt somewhat depleted after this A2 workout, which is not how you should feel after MAF.  The point of MAF being volume over a long commitment, rather than burning yourself out after a couple of weeks.

Once I've got a good base (3 - 6 months of MAF), _then_ weave in work that flirts with anaerobic threshold a bit more like the upper parts of this A2 workout. The other way to think about it is that once I have been doing this for 3-6 months, I can remove the 10 point handicap from the MAF calculation. (see this post:

If I really want two ranges, shift from A1/A2 to MAFlow and MAFhigh

MAF : 114 - 124
MAFlow: 114-119

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