Sunday, June 25, 2023

Logic would say, mistrust the work-product of unhealthy processes.

 If you look around the room at a company and notice that all of the employees are massively overweight, it probably makes sense to be suspicious of the work-product of that company.  This makes sense in the abstract:  if there a behavior (sedentary-ness) leads to a condition (metabolic disorder) that we don't like, then we shouldn't monetarily encourage the behavior by buying its product.

I don't really have any specific examples in mind.  I have worked with really fit engineers, and really unfit engineers.  

One point is more personal -- if the only way you can do a job is to have no time/energy left over to spend on cooking real food, working out, mindfulness practice, and friends and family, then find another job.  Maybe I'm just saying I'm not enough of a hard core math-head to make software engineering work and still have something left over at the end of the day.  Maybe the intro to this post is a comment that the way we demand output, nobody is (at least without severe risk of burnout.)

I spent the weekend down in North Carolina learning how to build a vintage guitar amplifier.  About an hour into inhaling acrid solder/flux smoke I was thinking about getting a different hobby.  8 hours into it I was feeling a certain amount of solidarity with factory workers everywhere, Chinese or American or whatever.  I'm starting to look at electronic devices in terms of how much I am asking of another human being to neglect their health in order to feed their families.