Sunday, June 25, 2023

Dialing back the frequency, and the tracking.

 I'm back from a short road trip where I got fuck-all exercise.  Before I left I was hitting the aerobic training harder than I have in months.

Honestly, before I left for the trip, this was feeling like too much.  My muscles were getting more and more sore, and I was looking forward to working out less and less.

Dr. Maffetone recommends 3 thirty minute sessions a week if you are severely de-trained.  Somewhere around 3-4 seems right.  I feel pretty recovered now, so I'm planning to get back into it this week.

The other comment I will make, is that it can be fun to have the diary calendar that I included above, but the danger is that you are completely orthorexic for a couple of weeks, and then any kind of deviation feels like a catastrophic structural failure.   I think if I were _not_ diary-ing, I would just work out when I wanted to work out, or when I felt like pushing myself.  There wouldn't be this abstract "make all the cells in the calendar red", or match an absolute number of days to be consistent with previous weeks.