Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Recovery Rides and Training Effect

 I want to strike a balance here between journaling and writing stuff that is relevant to other people. I don't think I really have any readers at this point, so journaling seems fine...

I did an A1 recumbent indoor bike ride today at a bit after noon.  I didn't sleep that great last night, but I slept in a bit, so I feel rested.

The ride felt the way it usually does -- not exactly easy, but not so taxing that I want to quit at every moment.  Afterward though I just feel great.  

I have maintained that the 65% HRmax rides are kind of a mix of 'recovery' ride and aerobic training.  I'm certain I'm getting a training effect out of them, but they generally feel regenerative rather than depleting.  I'm sure there is more training effect from the 70-75% rides, but those _do_ feel more taxing.