Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Once you see how fat Americans are, you can't unsee it.

Sitting at a Starbucks, giving myself permission to just look around at the bodies.  I think as a function of both being massively overweight, a little bit shy romantically, and constantly wary of objectification, I never really did this.  

What you see is just a horror show of what we used to call "beer bellies".  These round, fat, sloppy, grotesquely pregnant-looking, middle-aged male body types (and whatever the female equivalent is).   Once you see that, you start to see how prevalent it is.  You start to see them everywhere.

I think of global warming when I think of this.  Global warming is difficult, because outside of the increasingly frequent draughts, fires, and superstorms, its a slow and gradual process that sneaks up catastrophically over generations.  This obesity thing is different.  You can literally see its fingerprints all over society.   

I tend to picture these folks lying on a gurney with an IV in, or with someone crouched over them doing chest compressions or bagging them.  

I think of my ballooning ACA insurance payment, and wonder how much of it is going to their diabetes care.

We can, and have to fix this.