Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Calorie Density

 My PCP in Philly from a few years ago was kind of an idiot, and I don't guess that he succusfully reduced very many patients.  He was one of those guys that tried to steer me away from what I was at the time referring to as an "Atkins" diet, towards a diet that consisted of "low calorie density foods", such as salads.

Now, I think the first half of that, steering away from low-carb nutrition is patently stupid.  However the second half of that, "low calorie density food" has some merit.  

My dinner tonight was two cajun-spiced, reasonably small but tasty chicken breasts.  The only reason that this meal was satisfying is I pretty much also ate a whole head of steamed broccoli with it. 

I love broccoli so this wasn't a chore.  If there is something you like that is similarly green, fiberous, grown-above-ground, and tasty, then I would recommend mixing it in with your source of protein, fat, and calories.