Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Progress Report (Reasonable Expectation For The Next 4 Months)

 I'm 4 months in and down about 35 pounds, which is about 10% of my starting body weight.  I and my PCP are ecstatic about this.

One temptation is to assume that the next 4 months will have the same negative slope as the previous 4 months.  It feels a lot healthier just to frame it this way:

"If my weight loss completely plateaus for the next 12 months, I will have still made significant inroads towards health."

I'm not arguing for starting to eat crap again, I'm just putting a lot of value in maintenance.  I'm not significantly liberalizing my nutrition plan, but I have started regular incline-power-walking for exercise.  (That new workout alone has the power to really derail a program due to apetite increase if not handled carefully).

Seasons are changing, given my seasonal job my agency over my own location, free time, and nutrition is about to get more challenging.  Even at total body weight just under 300, which _is_ heavy for my frame, I'm willing to be totally happy with maintenance for a little while, but I secretly hope weight will continue downward.

March 14th: current weight is about 297.  The first hump was a fasting-regimen that resulted in weight regain. The second hump is the current low-carb nutrition plan + exercise.