Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Heart Rate Monitors And Other Electronic Aids are Great, But They Can Be A Faff. Try The "Conversation" Metric Instead.

 A coach / English teacher friend of mine from way back in my rowing days once told me:

"With aerobic exercise, you should be able to carry on a conversation, perhaps more in the manner of Hemingway than Joyce."

I love gathering data with a heart rate monitor, logging software, Polar Flow, spreadsheets...etc.  However, I am finding that there is a reality to the idea that reducing the number of pain points in getting set up to work out is absolutely critical.  Perhaps once you know what 65% max heart rate feels like, you don't need to wire up each time.

I'm even willing to sacrifice having consistant workout logs, just to not have to keep the gear charged and with me all the time.  I suggest creating a blog as I have done to keep track.