Thursday, March 30, 2023

The food environment was always pretty f*** up.

 I went on a road trip this past week, surving on truck stop food.  I was eating mostly the innards of sandwiches, which primarily consisted of meat and cheese.  There were also some more modern "keto" packages with a few nuts, again cheese, and meat cubes.

Looking around a typical truck stop, the thought I had was -- this must be what it was like for our foraging ancestors to go into the forest among poisenous plants, berries, mushrooms, and try to scratch out an existance.  The shelves were lined with inedible, sugary, garbage, and you really had to hunt for something that wasn't going to lead to an early death.

So I guess my hypothesis is that the food environment was always a little f*** up.  There was never a utopia where you walked into a store and the shelves, including the ones at kids heights at the register, were just lined with fresh berries, protein, and dark chocolate.

I support political efforts to clean up our food chain, but I also think that you shouldn't wait for that to happen, or use that as an excuse to not eat well right now.