Sunday, March 26, 2023

The last time I did this drive I almost crashed!

 I'm on my yearly road trip, this time to Fort Wayne Indiana.  I did a similar trip 2 years ago before I was eating a low-carb diet.

This trip I left NJ kind of late, and only rolled into Fort Wayne around 3am.  What was strikingly different between this trip and the previous one was that I never reached a point of tiredness that pulled me off of the road.

On this trip I ate mostly the innards of 7-11 turkey and roast beef sandwiches with shelf-stable mayonaise and mustard packets.  I drank a lot of coffee, but I didn't feel the need to result to sugary snacks to keep me awake.

Even at 2am during the last hour of the trip, I wasn't falling asleep like I was the first time I did this trip, and I attribute that to better blood sugar stability.