Saturday, April 29, 2023

I really like this tracker

 I've been in a little bit of a stall since upping my exercise and starting to cook for myself.  A friend suggested that it might be a problem with portion control.  I was eating all the right foods.

Most of the luminaries I have been following say that you don't need to count calories, or track macros.  However, I would cook 5 pieces from a pack of chicken, and proceed to eat them in one sitting.  I didn't have any way of applying reason to my portion control, and was just relying on satiety signals.  Regularly, I was blowing past feelings of fullness and over-consuming.

The tracker Carb Manager has been really helpful in remedying this.  I am able to stoke my analytical brain in the process of managing my input.  It's a bit arduous, and the numbers aren't exact, but I find the data really helpful.

As an app developer, I also feel a certain amount of envy for how well put together this app is!