Saturday, April 29, 2023

Uncomplicated Keto from Eric Westman MD

Westman is a practicing physician, and inherits from the Atkins approach.  He has authored numerous academic research studies on keto, and continues to treat patients out of his Duke University clinic.  

My general comment is that step one is to get off of sugar, and to eat whole, unprocessed foods.

Not much comment on this slide, pretty self explanatory.

Keep in mind that this could be thought of as an 'induction' phase of keto.  I have personally experimented with eating more leafy greens and non-starchy veggies than listed here.  You also want to pay attention that you are getting these veggies for the fiber content and the effect on bowel movement.

NB: The mayo, cream, oil, butter, and salad dressing limit has been combined to 6 TBSP per day in the recent Adapt literature.  My personal experience is that adding lots of butter to eggs, or cooking baby spinach in bacon grease with added butter is counterproductive to my weight loss.  The idea is to eat the natural fats that come along with the protein you are eating.  

Another note is that cheese may really worsen constipation.

The cheese, cream/butter/oil, avocado, and olives..etc are all "AND" not "OR".  What you should find is that your appetite reduces in such a way that you CAN eat all of these but don't feel the need to.