Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Negging from the dogmatic

Writing from the perspective of confidence that a 40 lb weight loss lends me...

 I come from a family of physicians.  The older ones have been pretty well steeped in the low-fat, calorie reduction dogma.  They look at some of the bolder assertions from those that subscribe to the low-carb approach as quackery.

It's one thing for us to assert that low-carb helps you reduce weight.  However if we go as far as to call Alzheimers potentially "Type 3 diabetes", we get derision.  If we say that  heart disease isn't caused by high cholesterol, but high sugar, we get condescension.  If we say that not only are mental health disorders like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia worsened by the standard American diet, but that it seems possible that some of the discontentment and seeming mental unwellness of society in general might be ascribable to that diet -- well...

Again, I'm looking back to when I first read Taubes' book Good Calories Bad Calories, and wondering how the last 10 (15?) years could have been different.  Wondering what could have been had I not been subject to lectures on fatty-foods-causing-cholesterol while cooking steak dinners.  Wondering about my body and my mind had I not been lectured about  how cooking my chicken thighs in butter because it made me more satiated was not a good idea.

We can't have parents or other medically trained family on pedestals.  They are as fallible as we are, and deserve to be forgiven.  It really just illustrates the power of dogma.