Saturday, April 15, 2023

When you see just a giant hippo of a person at a Jewish deli, stuffing their face with french toast and drinking Dr. Pepper in front of their obese daughter, what do you think is going through their mind?

Call my a sadist, but I find it strangely motivating to sit there and watch this menagerie of horribly obese bodies go by.  I'm not where I want to be in terms of fitness end goals, but I feel like I'm on the path.  I have thought everything the list below at one time or another, and I can totally empathize with these people.  At the same time, I can't help but have thoughts like "$200 of my $500 ACA monthly insurance payment is going to treat their diabetes."

I'm in a strange mood and I feel like I shouldn't post this at all.  However, if I'm thinking this, then it's no wonder that people in fit bodies exhibit something bordering on hatred of the obese.

I hope with this blog, to work on some of the issues below.  I 100% believe obesity is a disease of lack of good information, not of laziness.  I also acknowledge that it is also a disease of poverty, but these people are paying $25 a plate for their shit meals here, so at least in this specific case, poverty isn't the issue.

 1) "I've tried every diet, and none of them work, so I've just given up."

2) "I've tried low carb specifically" (But I was drinking a tonne of diet soda, and processed sugar replacements, or I found it too difficult for some other reason.)

3) "I hate myself, and I just don't care anymore."

4) "I've done everything my doctor told me: cutting fat and calories, walking more..etc, but it didn't work.  He keeps exhorting me to follow his advice, but I've tried."

5) "I can't afford the pastrami."

6) "I know I'm fat, but I'm just confused about diets, and don't know what to do."

7) "This is a celebration of..."

8) "I've been (some level of) obese my whole life, this is just how I move through the world."

9) "This is the last meal like this before I do everything right tomorrow."

10) "I killed myself at the gym all of January, and it did nothing.  I give up."